Art, Community and Hot Metal

Paul David Seeman

Paul David Seeman is a native Texan, born in Houston, raised in Austin, and now living and working in San Antonio, Texas. Paul earned his MFA in Sculpture at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi and BFA in studio art from Texas State University in San Marcos. His sculptures and installations are designed with passion and love. They are shaped by fire, muscle, blood and sweat. Paul thinks that medium is dictated by meaning, passion, form and function rather than obligation. Learning to work with new materials is part of the artist's experience to him. Recent works are composed of cast metal, ceramics, wood, string, plastic and of course, dancing metal. To Paul, sculpture is a way to bring awareness, emotion, color and beauty into a place.

Paul's interest in art was realized as the result of his being trained in structural welding. Making straight, strong welds all day led to a type of meditation and a study of the way that the molten metal moved. This dancing metal led to what he describes as doodling with metal. The doodling led to line, form, shape, and motion. Then, completely by accident, he had fallen into a love affair of metal and art. Paul has been dancing with metal ever since.

Other mediums came into Paul's artistic world while he was working towards his Fine Arts degree at Texas State University, San Marcos. They follow the flow of movement and dance much the way his sculptures do. Formal training was Paul's road to becoming a well-rounded artist, something that he believes is important to being an artist. Now his work can be seen around Texas and the world.